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Originally Posted by Interested Party
Do you know how the hilt/blade are attached in this example? Are there pins hidden under the wrapping? Or is it purely a traditional resin or modern epoxy resin that holds the hilt in place? Xasterix If I remember correctly you perform cut tests with many blades, how do traditional methods of blade attachment work under repeated stress? Very nice looking blade by the way. I like the grain of the wood used as well! The foible reminds me of a saber's yelman or the shape of some older patterns of Mexican machete.
Hullo, thanks for the kind words - there are no pins hidden under the wrapping. In place of traditional resin, epoxy is used to secure the blade to the hilt- this is the case with most modern Bangsamoro blades I've wielded.

For modern blades, both the traditional (heat-inserted or resin) and epoxy adhesive have performed well under successive strikes. The only hilts that have loosened after my usual test belong to old blades with traditional adhesive; I reset both with epoxy and they've been fine ever since.

I try to strike a balance between cultural accuracy and modern - world functionality. Not a practice for everyone, but it's fun!
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