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Bung Karno's mother was a Balinese lady from Buleleng, his father was Javanese.The dominant culture of Indonesia is Javanese, and the roots of Javanese culture are to be seen in Balinese culture.

Lombok has no keris form that is original to Lombok. This island was settled by people from other parts of the Archipelago and each of these cultural groups has its own keris form. Balinese keris that were made and/or worn in Lombok are still Balinese keris, but Balinese keris from Lombok. It is really quite difficult to be certain whether a Balinese keris has originated in Lombok or not, the differences, if there are any at all, between a Balinese keris from Bali, and a Balinese keris from Lombok are slight and often pretty unconvincing.

Bung Karno was a leftist. This is the base reason why USA was so interested in getting rid of him, and there are very many people still, today, who believe that the USA was responsible for the fall of Sukarno.

As a leftist he had good relationships with other leftists across the globe. Apparently he had a close relationship with Castro and as a token of friendship he gifted Castro with this keris. At the same time Sukarno and Castro exchanged hats, so Castro got a peci out of the deal too, not just a keris.

It is totally unthinkable that an Indonesian President would gift anything other than a Javanese or Balinese keris to another head of state. Sukarno's mother was Balinese, he himself was very much aligned with Bali, he had a very genuine taste for things Balinese.

Looking at the keris in the photo there is not much to be seen, my suggestion of it being Balinese is based on two things, the very small section of gonjo that can be seen and the shape of the pendok.

The Balinese "keris ring" is called wewer or uwer, uwer is probably more correct.
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