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Originally Posted by A. G. Maisey

This keris is an artistic creation. The garap is particularly fine, personally I find this keris very pleasing indeed, it is not classical, nor is it intended to be, but as with all works of art, whether we find something pleasing or not is purely personal taste.
Overall this is very, very good modern keris that would have a relatively high value, the weakest component part is the pendok, and it would not surprise me if somewhere along the line this has been changed from the original, the quality of the other component parts is such that normally an engraved pendok should normally have been fitted, not an embossed pendok.
It is very surprising to notice how such a new kris can raise such different reactions, like any piece of modern art!
Regarding the pendok, it is not of high quality indeed but some embossed pendoks could be very finely made, see example.
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