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First of all I would like to thank you for all your comments.

Secondly, David you are right Iím looking for comments so no need to be sorry.

Au contraire, while I agreed that tastes differ (Henk and I like it, others not so much), but yours and Jeanís comments regarding the shape of pudhak sategal and tail of ganja are very much appreciated.

Regarding the mendak, unfortunately the Keris is still in Indonesia and with current situation itís not anytime soon that I can travel there. My guess-timate is that it is some sort of batu akik (gemstone?). As you probably know most keris dealers in Indonesia also sell batu akik.

The dhapur Mangkurat Mangkunagara is indeed found in the dhapur keris Keraton Surakarta manuscript.[/QUOTE]

Yes dhapur Mangkurat Mangkunegara is described in Dhapur keris Keraton Surakarta manuscript, but I believe this manuscript is written in the 20th century and in Keris world that would be considered "New".

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