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Originally Posted by ariel View Post
Yea... I see what you are saying.
But as a rule , gifting a weapon was a ceremonial occasion.
We can speculate till the cows come home, but the name is there, and that cannot be disregarded.
No matter what, an extremely nice kukri with a potential of belonging to a real warrior.

Gifting a weapon was of course 'ceremonial' , no matter if privately done or in an event with fanfare. I am thinking of an inscription as a means of identification or ownership. If in circumstances where numerous people are involved, things such as tools etc. often had the owners name scribed or initials at least. As tenuous as this sounds, it does seem feasible.

If involved in a police situation as many Gurkhas were, they may have marked their weapons to prevent mixups (let alone being inadvertantly purloined). While initials often work elsewhere, there were so many the same in these contexts, more specific identity might have been better.
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