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Originally Posted by M ELEY;266155many basket hilts that 'made it over here' for the conflict. Another route of the Scots, like a terrible shadow of Culloden, happened right here in North Carolina during the war at the Battle of Moore's Creek.


Having read up on that battle, I believe terrain was the most significant factor versus the terribly inaccurate firearms, however. In any case, I bring this up because my basket was purchased in Vancouver, Canada, a British province once the war ended and the English traveled north. I know it's a stretch, but you never know where some of these items might have traveled to or been!
I would imagine the Scotts of western NC were less loyal as the Tories were rounded up and hung. Those that escaped were hunted down. A few survived after spending the war in hiding. Mr. Howard of Howard's Knob would be an example of one who lived. 40 years ago the execution of the Tories was a still a de facto school holiday in parts of western NC as they would bus kids out to visit the oak the rebels executed the loyalist on. I wonder if NC history is still taught from the same point of view?
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