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A. G. Maisey
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Kai, my problem is this:- I cannot see nearly enough from an image on a computer screen to be able to know with a reasonable degree of certainty that this gonjo has been replaced or not, and in fact in this case it is not something that I regard as of much importance.

I think that we are probably looking at a very old blade here, it has been subject to the ravages of time and it has been cleaned, the gonjo is not mounted, the blade is out of stain, or at least not adequately stained.

I simply cannot see enough to give a solid supportable opinion. The best I can do is to look at the image on my screen and try to measure it against what I can remember from the last 70 odd years or so, and I'm sorry, but for me, there is simply not sufficient evidence available in these images to be too sure of a lot.

Perhaps you can gain sufficient information from a photograph & a screen image to be able to support your opinions, but I cannot.
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