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Originally Posted by RobT
I have made close-ups of the spine at hilt, T-Rib and tip of my blade. Caliper measurement of the spine at hilt measures 11/32" (between 8 & 9mm, .34375 decimal inches). The T-Rib tapers distally from the hilt and ends 1-7/8" (44.45mm, 1.875 decimal inches) before the tip. I can't recall ever having seen a yataghan with a T-Rib before but maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention (they are usually so darn expensive that I only glance at them).
Hi Rob,
You have a good steel blade and Marius will tell you to polish it and he will be right!

I wil take some risks and say that your Yat is from Bulgaria or Turkey...
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