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I agree with Jens.

Lohar was a custom-made implement and its size, materials and decoration were a one-time-only reflection of its master's wishes at a particular moment.
Folding Lohar was mechanically standard in terms of its mode of folding , but that was the only common feature . A master of solid ( not folding) Lohars had no such limitations and could create anything his imagination and available materials dictated.
Also, since we have no idea what Lohar was for ( ice-pick? sugar-"head" pick? sickle? a fighting implement similar to the previously discussed allegedly anti-cavalry giant Spanish one? a multifunction one? ) it is impossible to guess the particulars of its construction.
I tend to think that the presented example is likely to be fully genuine.

As to the age, Afghani weapons, especially from the Khyber area, were rarely dated. I have seen ch'huras dated mid-second half of 20th century, but the greatest majority can be any time from 19th ( or even earlier) to modern. I am aware of 19th century ch'huras in old collections, but have yet to encounter a genuinely old dated Lohar, but ....hope springs eternal :-)

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