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Default Perfumed Garden

Hi Philip,
I will look over my copy of The Perfumed Garden, and see if this type of “weapon” was employed in their pillow arts. A quintessential pillow sword of a nobleman. Though I would hope it was designed for more warmongering courtly pleasures.

I too have seen a Katar that would make Pamela Anderson blush. Scenes painted on it, that probably were subliminal messages to the nobleman date that night as they drank wine and ate figs.

Originally Posted by Philip
Well, Iran has quite a tradition of eroticism in the arts. I thought that the poetic expression was Sufistic spiritualism expressed in a physical metaphor, but some years ago a collector showed me a 18th or 19th cent. khanjar, with a nice black wootz blade and an exquisitely carved ivory grip of classic form, inscriptions top and bottom, with a scene that left nothing to the imagination. Neither of us could read the lingo, I still wonder what the script said.
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