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Just a comment about my quote on legitimacy of a dhapur.

Mickey, you probably have quoted me correctly, I have said similar things for years, and still do, but that can only ever apply in the context of an accepted pakem, Surakarta or otherwise.

I usually don't speak or write an explanation of this along with the comment, because I expect the person I am addressing to understand this.

Probably if I know I'm addressing somebody who has not yet come to an understanding of the variability in keris belief & terminology I might give a very brief explanation, but usually I do not consider this necessary --- I don't really like to go on & on repeating the same things.
I know. I think of you, very generally speaking, as a "Surakarta guy". I'm not saying that I think you can always be counted on to be the voice of Keraton Surakarta Hadiningrat at this forum.

Some of my more serious problems in life may be taking for granted that (some, not all) other people "know what I mean" and understand "where I'm coming from" when I say something, and assuming that other people have the same perspective as I do. I make ambiguous statements, and I've never entered into a "lets define terms" session before discussing anything with anyone.

At a forum I frequented about 20 years ago, I remember one guy wrote a lengthy post decrying the habit of other members of posting dissertation style rebuttals to posts they disagreed with, and stated his preference for my habit of simply posting "Nah" in response to something I disagreed with.
I don't have time to preface posts with explanations of what I know, believe, and/or assume, and unfortunately, I also don't have time to set forth those things which I wish my reader(s) to know that I understand and/or am aware of, those things which I assume they will understand, how I expect them to take what I say etc.

It has happened again. It's 05:08 and I just don't have much more time to continue this post.

Alan, I've read many of your posts, including many from long before I first started ghosting at this forum. Many of your posts [as well as many of the posts of other people] are way over my head. My understanding of other statements which I believe I comprehend may be completely wrong.
I think I've wasted a whole lot of my time writing this post, but I've sunk too much time into it now to not post it. I ask that you take all of what I've said at face value, ie: nothing more than words on a screen. When I have more time...

Sincerely and Respectfully,

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