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Hi Yaniv:

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting this dha/daab. As noted by drac2K, this one has features consistent with northern Thai/Lao/Shan construction. I agree that the blade is well made and it shows a clear laminated structure. Polishing and etching might well show a hardened edge.

AS Drac has said, the blade may have some age and could be WWII in manufacture. There has been some more recent "dressing up" of the three-part hilt with the plastic wrap, and the scabbard may be a replacement. The form of the hilt in three parts with a simple brass ferrule is reminiscent of Shan/Burmese work.

The French coin suggests pre-1954 construction. The Chinese brass disk (with English inscription!) draws attention to the northern portions of French Indochina (Laos), Thailand, and neighboring Burma (Shan territories). My best guess is that this is either a Lao daab made around 1940-1954 or a Shan dha from the same period.

Nice, old style, working dha. A good honest piece from the Golden Triangle area.

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