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Default the Hoffmanns

Originally Posted by Jim McDougall

I do very much recall the Hoffman brothers!!! and those "Museum of Historical Arms" catalogs, which have become treasured little books for reference (usually). These used to turn up in old used book stores, and I would grab them, just for the memories (mostly 70s).
Hey Jim, did you ever add to your collection from their stock? Their catalogs were pretty rudimentary by today's marketing standards (like the glossy auction catalogs put out by RIA, Hermann, and Czerny, not to forget Peter Finer's hoity-toity productions where every item is "POR"). But back in the day, the Hoffmanns were among the few dealers who cranked out a wish book on glossy paper with every item photographed (haha, if only in small format against pegboard, it was better than the hand-drawn entries that Robert Abels of NY got away with for years). My eyes grow moist when I leaf through one of those old catalogs and look at the prices!
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