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Hi chief:

Just my final comment on this one. I agree with the sentiment that this is an early form of the Moro kris, resembling a Balinese keris but more likely Moro in origin. The dimensions are also very similar to known archaic examples of the Moro kris.

I mentioned the word "transitional" above in reference to the style, and the absence of the stirrup feature is an important observation IMHO. This is how I would imagine the early Moro adaptations, but of course we don't know if this is exactly how they looked or when this sword was made. Could it be from the 16th or 17th C? Perhaps, although I also think it could be a later piece made in an earlier style. Either way, it is an important reference point for future discussion of how the Moro kris may have evolved from its keris cousins.

You seem to have a talent for finding these rare pieces! Keep searching ...


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