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Here is another Jazail from my collection. More decorated than the first one I posted a while back (my shooter). The lock is in perfect working order, just needs a good cleaning. It is the typical English East India pattern lock dated 1811. The barrel is smoothbore. Amazingly, there are only two small pearl inlays missing on the bottom of the stock near the trigger guard. I have some old pearls inlay from a broken piece of Afghan stock that I can use for replacements. Additionally, you can see a shallow, round hole right in front of the lockplate, which has some type of semi-soft grey putty substance in it. Hmmm...I'm thinking this may have been for another pearl inlay (?). If so, I'll add one here too. It's exactly the right depth for an inlay.

As long as I'm posting this Jazail, this would be a good time to ask everyone a question: On different areas of the gun such as under the barrel bands, between the edges of the barrel and stock, under the inlays, and just generally around the decoration of the stock, is this black, grainy, hard like tar substance. I've seen this before, but only on Afghan guns. I've always wondered what the purpose of it was? It looks like it is applied somewhat soft, and then hardens. It also looks like it was used to hold inlays in place. Also, possibly as some type of weather proofing (?). What are your thoughts?

Picure heavy, so hope you enjoy. And thanks for looking.
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