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Originally Posted by M ELEY
Hello Jim and thanks for posting on this thread. I know there's questionability with this story, but it is an interesting theory and, as you pointed out, Arabic coins bearing that early date here in the states does indeed support the author's hypothesis. Also, from what the article implies, the coins were buried deeply, not as if someone had dropped them in the last hundred years or so. Also, the scattered pattern of where they were found by multiple searchers and in areas where people were back pre-Revolution. In any event, just another possible case to support all of the 'piratical' activity going on here in the Americas at the time!
Actually, as you and I have often agree, there was a heck of a lot more 'brotherhood' activity than ever 'made the papers' !

The fact that these unusual coins were found in various locations that correspond to certain 'maritime' activity seems to present considerable plausibility to their possible connection to Every. These kinds of hauls were the exception in pirate looting and the typical coinage used in trade were Spanish or thalers as well as English coins of course. These 'exotic' coins would have been melted down for the precious metal value rather than carried about.
Just as with the huge number of shipwrecks that remain to be found, so too are the mysteries of the 'pirates'.....and we delight with every new discovery!
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