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Default Why Not Pashto?

Why not give the country of origin in Pashto? The alphabet is basically Arabic. While most people in Kyrgizstan or Tajikistan don't speak Pashto, surely there are enough there that could write a simple "Made In" phrase. I can never recall seeing an item made in Japan, China or India that was exported to the US with the country of origin in Kanji, Hanzi or Devanagari. I would assume that the bulk of those populations don't speak English either. Furthermore, the country of origin is always given as "Made In" followed by the name of the country as it is commonly known in the US (not Nihon, Zhongguo or Bharata). All non-western and non-new world country of origin labels I have seen follow this format. (Curiously, western and new world exporters often give the country of origin in their native language [ie Hecho En Mexico]).
If the intent of the "Made In K G" phrase on my knife was simply to lend a certain cachet to the item, why not just use gibberish instead of an actual phrase that makes sense? Presumably, the intended customers wouldn't know the difference.

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