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Default Interesting Choora Inscription

Hi All,

I just picked up this choora which I believe is very recently made. The hilt scales and ears are plastic (made to imitate butterscotch amber perhaps?). Other than the choice of hilt material, the knife is traditionally made. The workmanship and functionality are commensurate with good quality 19th century chooras. The sheath (also traditionally made) is brown leather wrapped wood. The leather has been pierced to show red and silver foil inserts. What is really surprising is the "MADE IN K G" inscription (brass inlay) on the blade. K G is the recognized abbreviation for Kyrgyzstan which is separated from Afghanistan by Tajikistan. Does anyone know if chooras are commonly carried in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan? I assume that the country of origin designation was made in English because the knife was made for sale to US troops in Afghanistan?

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