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Default Flash Drive

Hi All,

I am using a 128GB (larger ones are available) flash drive that can be plugged into my i-phone via a lightning connection on on end or my Mac computer via a USB connection on the other end. This allows me to transport my database to remote locations (antique shows, flea markets, garage sales, etc). There are flash drives like mine that are IBM and Android compatible. I am using a simple Mac program called Pages which allows for text and photos in one document.

My database is arranged in folders and sub folders in a hierarchy in alphabetical order as follows:
General Geographical Area (Africa, Asia, Europe, etc)
General Item Type (Dha, Khukri, Takouba, Z Misc Knives, etc)
Specific Item Type (Arm Dagger, Flyssa, Hua Tat, Keris, Kris, etc)
Specific Geographical Area (Bali, Sumatra, etc) where applicable
Specific Item Features (Iron Pommel, One Piece Baca Baca, etc) where applicable

The individual item documents (Pages) are contained in the last subfolder. Each document has a brief descriptive title. I find that this arrangement allows me to quickly and easily find items in my collection in order to compare them to prospective items for sale. The documents contain a photo of the item and a description which includes information about the piece (blade length, hilt material, sheath material, etc), date purchased, price, location, dealer (sometimes). My entire inventory takes up only a tiny fraction of the flash drive memory so, if I wished to have multiple photos of each item, I could easily do so. Newly purchased items are easily added to the database.

Rob T
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