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The spear on the right looks to me like the Mahdist Era style. I have one similar. Photo highlights on yours suggests that one side is slightly concave while the flipped over the other side is concaved as well. This feature allows a slight raised edge part to provide a surface for a sharpened edge.

This alternative concave arrangement suggests to me that both our spears were stamped from sheet steel and formed in a die in a factory setting. In neither item I don't notice hammer marks that would suggest forged products. Gordon assembled a first rate machine shop in Khartoum that was moved to Omdurman and used by the Khalifa's craftsmen to make weapons. Also, I've heard elsewhere that weapons were made in England and sold to Sudan via Egypt.

The skinny blade looks like a shade-tree smith's work for a fishing spear. It could have been made anytime. I have a similar one from 1986. Yours looks modern as the points look unused.

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