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Banten is at one end of the Island of Jawa, Blambangan at the other. I have nominated Banten for two reasons, firstly it was the most likely place for such items keris to have been collected at that early point, secondly, the overall characteristics of the blade match other keris that some people classify as Banten. If Jensen wants it to be Blambangan I would never argue against this, Blambangan is right on the doorstep of Mojo, this keris displays some accepted Mojo characteristics.

However, no geographic location can be accurately affixed in the absence of personal observation of manufacture, so we are talking opinion, and just as I will not argue against Jenson's opinion, neither will I argue against any other opinion that places in somewhere in Jawa.

Perhaps the most sensible classification might be to give it an alpha numeric classification, say JN3, if we were to go this route we could chuck our precious tangguh system right out the door:- JN3, JN5, CJ23, CB6 --- the possibilities are endless.
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