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Originally Posted by eftihis
I believe this sword was from the time of the siege of Malta.
The Great Siege of Malta was all the way back in 1565. As far as I am aware, there are no trophies collected from the Ottomans during those events that have indisputable provenance. Only one of the swords in the Armory in Valletta is attributed to Turgut Reis, but considering that he was killed by stone debris from a cannon ball that hit near him deep into the Ottoman positions, it is unlikely that the Knights would have gotten the opportunity to retrieve anything from his body (Spiteri, the author of the only modern published catalogue of the collection expresses his doubts as well). It is very hard to link any sword directly to the Siege of Malta or even to that period.

That being said, you have a fantastic sword Eftihis. It is clearly old and unique due to the baskethilt.
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