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Default WANTED: Bezdek, "German Swords and Swordmakers"

As I went too pull out my copy of 'Bezdek' here in the 'bookmobile' (the RV we have been 'on the road ' in for last 15 years)...I was horrified that it was soaked. Apparently a freak rain storm last week with high winds and pelting rain had penetrated the slide cover. Fortunately only a few books were water damaged.

However, Bezdek, is of course a regular 'go to' reference, so while I was able to dry it out to readable condition, I would like to replace it with a more readable copy.

I have always believed the most important weapon in any arms and armor collection is one's books, as these are the sources for information in the 'adventure' of collecting and learning as well as proper identification.

That said, it seems that sources for books are well exploiting that key value and I could not believe this paperback volume was going for 200.00 and more! This isn't "The Ninth Gate" !!!!!

If anyone has a copy they are interested in selling for a more affordable price I would be grateful to obtain a replacement.

Thank you,
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