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Originally Posted by David
How kujang were originally dressed is indeed something we may never know considering that examples are said to go back as far as the 9th century. But certainly kujang exist today with dress as old as the 19th century and very possibly before. The dress on the one you have shown is indeed older than some, but this exact design is one that we see time and time again in 20th century kujang onward, but not, AFAIK, in any existing older examples. I am not sure when this dress form began, but it does not appear to be very old relatively speaking. It would be interesting to see more older ones like the one you have shown and figure out where, when and why it became a model for so many modern kujangs.
Hello David,

I don't know of any other older dresses in this fashion. The most antique kujang I have seen comes without any dress or with newly made Central Java dress or in seldom cases with self made old dress which seldom follow an evident guideline. Would be interesting to see some other old dresses at this place when members have such ones.

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