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Default Viet Cong Clasp Knife

Or, so I was told. Story was, a woman's father took this knife, off a Viet Cong soldier, who didn't need it anymore. I know, buy the item, not the story. However, this knife told me it's own story, in it's own language. And I listened. This piece shows many years of sharpening, and hard use. The wood, whatever it is, is beautiful. Looks similar to Oak, but has a more open grain, and is very dense. Blade is 5 5/8", with an overall length opened, of 11 3/4". The blade spine displays three notches, that are supposedly kill tallies. They are very irregular, and uneven to be an attempt at file work. Handle is one piece of wood, grooved on top, and bottom for the blade, and spring. I took these very bad photos inside. Will try to take better ones, in more favorable light. Any input, would be very much appreciated.
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