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Default US 1850 Staff and Field Officers Sword?

Hi, I would appreciate some help with this sword. This is an area where my knowledge isn't particularly strong. The example presented is a "family" sword of a friend of mine. Their oral history says this sword came down from an unidentified ancestor (possibly a childless uncle) who was a US Civil War veteran (Union). It has a Solingen stamp with a Broad Arrow mark that I found interesting. I remember reading about Germans using the Broad Arrow in a recent(?) post but I couldn't remember where. The "E Pluribus Unum" on the guard would seem very appropriate if this were a Civil War weapon.

P.S. I would like to apologize for the quality of the pictures. I shot these on a very warm, pretty, Wyoming April 3. After five months of winter we wanted an outside shoot which caused an abundance of glare and shadows at 6pm.
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