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Originally Posted by tanaruz

The longest is over 10 feet and the shortest is just about 7 feet.

Will inform the dealer/seller on the possibility to send them through DHL (as antiques, etc).

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I know that you said that the shafts are in one piece and shortening them is out of the question, but can the steel heads be detached for shipping? That might reduce the overall length by a foot or more, depending on the length of the heads.

Just to give you a hypothetical example of a possible alternative, the US Postal Service has, TO MANY DESTINATIONS, a size limit of 108 inches, which equals length plus girth (distance around the outside) of the container.
So if your spear is seven feet (84 inches) long, and you find a sturdy tube of heavy cardboard or even plastic that is long enough and which is 6 inches in diameter, then the girth is the circumference which would be 6 x 3.14 = 19 inches. This would allow you a container that is actually 89 inches long, to meet the maximum of 108 inches. The extra 5 inches of length would be room for padding (be sure to use something like a piece of wooden board cut to fit one end, so the steel point does not poke out!) If the spear head is removable, you can get by with a shorter overall package length. You do need to see whether the 108 in. limit applies for mail departing your address and going to the Philippines. I'm giving you this example just to make a suggestion on packing, and how to calculate the parcel size to confirm to postal regulations.

The commercial couriers have their own dimensional limits, which can be either gross length, or length+girth, depending on company. The 10-footer might be problematic, you just have to inquire until a solution can be reached. The freight companies that specialize in shipping to the Philippines may be the best option for you. Do you live in an area where there is a sizeable Philippine expatriate community? I am located in southern California where this is the case, and there are quite a few of these firms (though I've never used their services because I've never had to send anything larger than what the Post Office or DHL can handle). Let me make some inquiries with a colleague to see if I can find some info useful to you.
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