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Default Unpretentious Ottoman dagger

Hi Gentlemen
"Unpretentious" because, at my understanding, and in function of the materials employed,
it don't seems to me, very prestigious, but very simple
that dagger has some damages at the hilt, I hope so that either in Istanbul, or Damascus,
I will have an opportunity to give to some professional to refurbish it.

Until now, we are unable to translate the cartouche
concerning the date, it was easy
1278 Hegira either 1861 Gregorian

the type of metal for the scabbard ??
to me, it seems to be like "sheet metal" ??

actually, I still yet not back to my home, also, all my tools and equipments are in a warehouse

the decor may be silver, or low grade of silver, is complete,
excepted, one small circle part, on scabbard top, near the hilt

I should highly appreciated your assistance for
- translation of the cartouche, coze should be Turkish language
(Thanks my Dear Friend Zifir, if you are reading me )
- the "decor" for me is very unusual, does some one of you have already saw a similar one,
and have a pertinent comments about it ??
here below some pics, of the general appearance and in detail, of this dagger

total length: 38,50 cm
blade size: 20,50 cm
total weight : 350 gr
scabbard weight: 100 gr

why weight indications ??
because the blade it's very heavy and in the same time seems to me made in a very poor steel,
no sound resonance when I hurt it against marble, or concrete ...
still has no flexibility, and seems resistant ??

Thanks in anticipation for your assistance


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