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You must remember that tons of weapons were taken in Deccan after all the battles and moved to Rajasthan.
Why leave weapons on the battle field that the enemies can use against you at a later time?
Very few of these weapons are registrated as comming from the Deccan. The only ones I am aware of, are the ones in the Bikaner armoury, and only some of them are marked as comming from Deccan.
This gives us another head ache, and that is are all the chiselled weapons from the Deccan, or are they north Indian?
If you read Goetz, you will see, that all the gold and silver decoration came slowly in the north, for a long time chiselling was prefered, by others than the Mughals.
Chiselling was used a lot in the south, but are all the chiselled weapons in the Bikaner armoury from the south?
Would you be able to point out the ones from Deccan?
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