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Default Got a Kaskara, & thoughts about Giraffes

I Recently Acquired this sword from eBay,
it was called antique African Tuareg tribe sword.
I recognize it to be a Kaskara, that's about as much as I can tell.
Came from USA to Canada to get to me, I used UPS instead of USPS...
by mistake. had to pay customs brokerage fees, and it was inspected and opened by customs. there was a 3 day delay. otherwise was a good deal.

If anyone can share some info about it would be cool, or some opinions.

Its is Solid, It is sharp from about the markings, which are also the balance point.

My first thoughts wielding the sword was it could liberate a giraffe of its head.
Turns out there are giraffes in that area where the sword originates.
I find the Tassel on the Handle reminds me of Giraffes Horns.
the Scabbard reminds me of a Giraffes Tail & the Two triangles dangling on the scabbard reminds me of the Ears.
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