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Looking further I found that John Waters was making this same form pistol with bayonet from the time of his patent , 9 Mar.1781. He wrote PATENT on one side of the lock, and would number each pistol,.
I found No.71; No. 397; No.595.; No.738; No.977

Waters produced 1766-1788.

#71 is silver mounted with Birmingham hallmark 'H' (1780) and CH for Birmingham silversmith Charles Freeth.
Interesting date with the patent issued in 1781.

#595 made in 1781 is interesting as it was apparently reconverted from percussion back to flintlock at some point. This would support the idea that flintlocks were favored beyond the advent of percussion due to the more viable manner of use not subject to availability of percussion caps.

#738 apparently made in 1785 is interesting as the bayonet was made by famed Birmingham sword maker Thomas Gill, and this was the heyday of his beginnings in the sword industry. In this case there is a marking of Waters Gill & Co. suggesting Gill was interested in some sort of partnership.
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