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Default British officer's blunderbuss pistol

Here we have a British brass flintlock blunderbuss pistol from approximately 1770-80's. It is designed in the classic Waters patent style, with the lock situated in the middle and the spring-loaded bayonet (released by pulling the trigger guard backwards). This type extremely popular with the naval officers. The barrel is octagonal for part of its length, with minor decoration (splay of weapons, sunburst pattern to trigger guard). One might remember this type in one of the great scenes from "Pirates of the Caribbean". The bottom of the barrel has the V and P proof marks under a crown. The big question is, who is the "S. Wallace" on the side marking? A Birmingham retailer? Previous owner? The barrel's smith? The incredible workmanship of this piece, with all of its individual handmade screws and fixtures, is incredible. The horn-tipped ramrod has a brass tip that unscrews to reveal a lead projectile removing tool.
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