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Default Tosanaji Hilt List

I have collected keris and other hilts for almost as long as I have collected keris. Now I have decided that it is time to transfer ownership of my hilts to other people. So I have produced a catalogue of 50 hilts, ranging from pretty ordinary to very good, and I have published it here:-


If you cannot reach the catalogue by using this link, try this one:-


At the present time postal systems and Customs systems across the world are taking longer than normal to process items, this is one of the reasons that I did not publish a mid-year keris catalogue this year.

However, it is much easier to delay the posting of a small item like a keris hilt, than it is to delay posting of a box with several keris in it, so if you wish to place an order and have both full payment and postage delayed until it suits you, that can be arranged on the payment of a deposit.

Even if keris hilts are not quite your thing, I think that perhaps you might get some relief from the boredom of social restrictions by browsing this catalogue, there are some nice things in it.
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