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Originally Posted by Wodimi
Dear members, maybe somebody can help me with this sabre and know what it is or have seen a similar sabre. The wooden scabbard, covered with leather, is for me typical African work. The handle have little similarities to a Flissa handle. The star marks on the blade could be from Morocco.
I would be very happy if somebody have an idea.
Wodimi, Pleased you traced through Library my thread on these weapons which I attribute to Sanaa although Muttrah was where the pictures were taken. They also go in for a lot of rehilting work there but usually of Omani style blades.. This almost Karabela form is Yemeni or at least rehilted there. Although somewhat rough they still retain a certain charm..The blade displays the famous 7 star cluster which I thought was Plieades or the 7 sisters... I can never remember.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.

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