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Originally Posted by kronckew View Post
I gather that Colichemardes were in general all around a metre, considereably longer than an average smallsword. George Washington is frequently painted with his favourite colichemarde.
Thanks Wayne,
Actually I am not certain about lengths of these blades' generality, but the initial course of their development with the widened forte for parry, and the foible remaining narrow for speed seems to have been attuned to dueling. With that being the case with the attention to the requirement for a fast blade, it seems shorter was the preference.

In the case of the forementioned colichemarde suggesting its possibly being Spanish, I would say that might be supported by the 39" blade. Spaniards favored remarkably long blades, one rapier blade I have is 41" (of traditional narrow form c. 1700), but I have heard of up to 45".

Ive heard of Washington's colichemarde, and it is noted that while these were out of favor in the civilian sector they remained popular with military through the 18th c.
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