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It displays some characteristics that can be interpreted as Majapahit, but I most sincerely doubt that it can be attributed to origin during the period of the Kingdom of Majapahit.

It is very probably East Javanese, possibly before +/- 1850, the dress is good quality, the pendok I assume is silver, and would weigh around 110grms, it is engraved and probably this would prove to be very well executed, but I cannot know this from these photos.

The wrongko is very probably scented sandalwood (cendono wangi), the grain is aligned beautifully, this wrongko is the work of a master.

I cannot say much about the hilt from photos, I would need to handle it, the mendak should be silver, but even so, it is a standard pattern lung wideng, nothing special.

All the dress is Solo work, and very good quality Solo work at that, I would guess that the dress was done between about 1985 & 1995.

The pamor looks like random pattern, wos wutah.

This is overall a very nice keris.
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