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Originally Posted by Kubur View Post
Well, no. Why do you think that the human face would not be there if this dress was put on the blade of a person of Islamic beliefs?

Islamic weapons are full of animals and human representations. What you wrote is a common belief about Muslims but it is not true. Human and animal representations are only forbidden in mosques.

So yes this short sword could be for Muslims, could be for Europeans, and could be for Hindus because as far I know no one here wrote something that proved anything. Collectors feelings are good but I prefer facts.

Very interesting, so this idea that Islamic material culture only forbids representations of humans and animals in Mosques is a proven fact.
Does this apply to both Shi'a and Sunni, as well as all the Schools and Factions of each Faith and Following, which seem to be quite diverse.
I am of course curious about how your comment can be so general in such a complex topic.
Also, how is it proven to be universal in the entire Muslim Faith? Is this written as such, and observed by the entire Faith? Are there instances where these depictions are allowed outside of Mosques?

I agree on symbolism, and in the observations on art. As someone who has been intrigued by art and symbolism most of my life, I have studied as much as I can on potential meanings and such symbolism in many areas, and there are indeed times where a presumed idea of such, could not be proven, and in fact may well have just been aesthetic.

I also agree that facts are paramount when at hand, but in the absence of them, profound experience of those who have spent years, decades in a specialized field, can present compelling evidence.
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