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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
I'm going to throw another suggestion out of left field. The curious radial pattern around the neck of the face on the pommel and scabbard reminds me of a ruff collar, as seen in both European men's and women's dress up until about the mid-18th C. Ruffed collars are still being made today, although clearly out of popular fashion for more than a century. This would add to the possibility that the face is European. Ruffed collars were used by the Dutch, British, etc. and towards the end of their use they were largely worn by aristocrats, royalty, etc.
I have been remiss in not responding sooner Ian, my apologies. Actually I have had information from a most reliable source that this in his opinion was indeed likely made for a European.
Also I was assured that the face and motif have nothing to do with any deity or symbolism in these regions or religious context.
Here I would like to thank David for the great insights into the complexities and peculiarities of these weapons!!! I have enjoyed learning more on these as well as a better understanding of my example.
I very much appreciate not just observations, but explanations, and this information is remarkable.

Thank you again guys!!!!
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