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Originally Posted by David
Wayne, I do, of course realize that you are being funny here, but as a huge fan of Theodore Sturgeon I do feel somewhat obliged to point out that he was a great science FICTION writer, not scientist. LOL!
Carry on...
Being a SCIFI fan myself, I know he was not a scientist, but I converted him for the dramatic purposes of my little fictional monument to him. I imagine many of our younger readers sadly have never heard of him. One of my favourites, Isaac Asimov, was, and he discovered Thiotimoline, the theoretical 4th dimensional chemical that dissolves just BEFORE you pour water on it. But doesn't if you do not actually pour.

But we digress, though we could theoretically use a bit of Thiotimoline power to return back on track. Anyway, I blame hayde78. . However, his theory IS plausible, My automobile has a large hole in front of its turbocharger that allows it to go faster if I floor it. The engine doesn't go fast at all if I plug that hole.

And there are precedents. 'The Book of Ely', a post apocalyptic film with sound SCIFI principles has a Machete with a series of Holes near the spine and it's blind wielder, Saint Denzel of Washington, certainly takes advantage of them to slash faster.

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