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Originally Posted by shayde78
I think they're called speed holes. They make it go faster.
There's an explanatory video here:
A great Scientist, Theodore Sturgeon, wrote a short article on the reason the perforation area of toilet paper is stronger than the perforated area. His experiments varied the dimensions and sequencing and found they got stronger in certain specific configurations as the amount of material went to zero. Ultimately he discovered how to turn this into an impenetrable force field, made of nothing as well as infinitely strong projectiles that could be propelled at light speed and penetrate almost anything (except a 'nothing' forcefield). The procedure has been censored everywhere and a copy of his dissertation cannot be located online, and further research into this phenomena has been made illegal.

I therefore postulate the holes in the Kujang are there to increase the strength of the item. I of course provide "Nothing" as proof.

...but we digress, and should return to the original topic before the Government come around looking at our torn toilet paper.
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