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Originally Posted by tanaruz

This is a kris purchased last year from a local bladesmith in Southern Palawan.(purchased without its original scabbard. The featured scabbard was made by a bladesmith in Southern Palawan). At first glance, my thoughts would be that this is a Maranao kris. Or is it?

The OAL length of the kris is merely 21.25 inches with a 16-inch blade. Quite small, IMHO.

But, if this piece is indeed of Maranao origin, how did it travel all the way to southern palawan where the moros there are mostly tausugs and samals? Would it be alright for a tausug/samal to carry a maranao kris?

The hilt and budbud design really, to me is Maranao. But what about the 'triangle' designs on the hilt? what might be the significance of this design?

The pommel is hardwood material.

Hope you can shed some insights on this piece.

Thank you in advance,


The hilt, and also possibly the blade, was made in Tugaya. The hilt is for display purpose, and non - functional for true wielding. I'm not sure if the blade is heat treated. The whole assembly isn't that old.
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