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Default Very nice antique dha/daab--c.1900

A no frills antique dha/daab, probably Thai but could be Lao or Burmese. The blade is particularly well forged, with a peaked spine, and it tapers gradually in thickness from the hilt to the tip. The blade has a dark patina that obscures what I believe is a quench-hardened, sharp edge. The hilt is bamboo wrapped with woven strips of rattan, typical of many everyday dha/daab of the region.

OAL = 24.75" (63 cm)
Blade = 17" (43.2 cm)
Hilt = 7.75" (19.7 cm)
Thickness of blade at hilt = 0.625" (1.6 cm)

Price $225 (USD) plus shipping/insurance from Australia. Please contact me by PM or via igreaves(at)temple(dot)edu.

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