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Originally Posted by Mickey the Finn
The title of the post got my attention.
I've never seen anything like it (a combination of luk and lurus in a single blade), with the exception of dapur urubing dilah.
What's the length and weight/mass of the wilah (preferably in standard/Imperial units in lieu of, or in addition to metric)?
And, if you happen to know who the pande is...
Thank you.
Postscript: And what do you (personally), as well as they (whomever you acquired the keris from and/ or made it) call that pamor?

Hi, I saw it in a book before and that why commissioned it based on that copy. estimate 18th century. I do not have the length yet as the item is still in Bali, pending dress making. The maker does not share his real name. I only know him as Mangmong.
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