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Originally Posted by ariel View Post
I see Kuburís point, but the kukri is clearly marked as 44 GR ( Gurkha Rifles) and it acquired its name only in 1901. Prior to that it carried other names.
Also, for a kothimora kukri the inscription is rather crude, isnít it?

I do not think there is an unequivocal evidence in favor of this inscription being 100% genuine. I might be wrong.

I see what you mean, but as I had suggested, this may well be a personally inscribed weapon, and regardless of the 'official' designation of the regiment, this is a 'casual' application, written in cursive. In addition, in seems interesting that the 'th' in 44th has what appears to be a 'Nepalese' sense, resembling the character of their letters in some cases.....certainly not normal cursive script in English.

Kothimora or not, is it not possible a personal weapon might be so inscribed reflecting the persons regiment 'unofficially' as it was probably colloquially known in the time he served in it? Naturally this is speculative, but seems worthy of consideration.
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