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Originally Posted by Mercenary View Post
Sukhela - a kind of steel.

Dhoop - a representative sword that can be held like a staff (as Jim correctly wrote).

Indian talwar with a blade of Persian, European, African and so on production, made in accordance with Indian traditions in India - this is an Indian talwar. I saw in the thread no facts why this blade could not have been made in India.
Thank you Mercenary, actually what I suggested in post #8 (but did not make clear) was that this blade was likely made in India in imitation of either European or North African (probably Sudanese) blade.
As North Africa imitated European blades, it would be hard to determine which might be the case.

Thank you for the info on Sukhela being a type of steel, I had not realized that but indeed that may have lent to the term for the swords which had been produced using it. It seems that these kinds of instances would come up for example in Sirohi (Rajasthan) where the swords produced were called that, but whether place name or as you note, perhaps other, might be the case.
The name game gets pretty 'exciting' (?) and intriguing.
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