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Hi Guys

The picture of the Cartouche has been enlarged so much it looks like the blade has been overly cleaned however this is not the case. I think the camera picks up scratches that are not visable to the naked eye. The blade is plain, but apparently that is not uncommon for this type of Tulwar. I have since been advised by a collector who specilises in this area that the shape of the hilt and the floral decoration place it as Punjabi. The cartouche looks to be Islamic, and he has seen a similar cartouche previously which read "there is no sword greater than the zulfikar, and no greater warrior than Ali".

I think the Cartouche has simply rubbed away with age, but confess it does look quiet grainy when blown up as I have done here. This sword came to me with a second one of Sikh origin that also has a plain blade.

Cheers Cathey
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