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Originally Posted by fernando
As for the Order of Christ symbol not being present in the panels, i would rather wonder, not why it is not there, but why it should. Firstly, we know that Dom Henrique was not a Grand Master of the Order but its administrator, which is rather different. Secondly, if it is, as it seems that, the panels represent a funerial cerimony, the nobles and knights would not assist the ritual in military dressing, as we actually notice. Also they would not need to carry weapons, except for a belt dressing dagger; but that could be 'artistic freedom' .

The only thing so far that the investigators found to be spurious, is the net later painted over the guys in the first panel, giving the idea that they are fishermen, which is not right.

I must disagree with you, Dom Enrique is indeed considered a grand master of the order, to call him a administrator or governor is rather wrong, the only deference between him and the previous masters is that is was not a "religious" one, the rules of the order changed and the crown from now on directly elected the master of the order (at least the exterior one because the interior one was rather secret and uncontrollable by even the crown).

Enrique as a grand master of the order of Christ should have the order symbol, remember the order was the most important institution after the crown, it was so powerful that most of the discovered lands were given to the order and not to the king! The ship sails had the cross of the order and not the arms of Portugal! The order symbol was important and expected to be used by their members at a important event.

The figure of Enrique is probably wrong, that guy with the hat is not him, but rather is brother! I think the most accurate vision we have of him is at jeronimos! that outfit and style is much more right with the chronicles description than this figure at the painting. The Zurara book is the only reason that goes against my opinion, but remember the book was done years after this painting so there is a possibility that Zurara copy the image.

But getting back to main issue, the swords, i still think they have particular features! one strange thing is that should exist much more swords of this type than the ones that we know of! we know that some important navigators were buried with their sword, could this explain this issue ? dont think so!
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