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Originally Posted by bvieira
... yes indeed! many weapons but not a order of christ symbol anywhere! including the grand master, Henry the navigator ...
If a later theory appointed for the panels to represent the symbolic (in absency) Christian funeral of the Infant Dom Fernando, who died captive in Fez in 1443, this would then re-date of panels from 1470 to 1445; a date found signed by Nuno Gonçalves, in an inscription painted in inverted position in the ankle boot of the young adolescent (Infant) in the third panel; as per a paleographic reading done by the National archives in 2002. This new date of the panels situates the persions portrayed more in consensus with the whole family of King Dom João I, as a central motif to be depicted by the artist. I would skip over the identity of all present, except for how and where Henry (the navigator) is present. The theory that it is not the man with the burgundian chaperon is one like any other. The assumption that the bust depicted in the forntispiece of Gomes de Zurara's chronicle, kept in the library of Paris, is that of his brother, falls in contradiction with such codice cover also depicting Dom Henrique's famous motto; TALANT DE BIEN FAIRE.
As for the Order of Christ symbol not being present in the panels, i would rather wonder, not why it is not there, but why it should. Firstly, we know that Dom Henrique was not a Grand Master of the Order but its administrator, which is rather different. Secondly, if it is, as it seems that, the panels represent a funerial cerimony, the nobles and knights would not assist the ritual in military dressing, as we actually notice. Also they would not need to carry weapons, except for a belt dressing dagger; but that could be 'artistic freedom' .

Originally Posted by bvieira
... Something very wrong at this all picture!
The only thing so far that the investigators found to be spurious, is the net later painted over the guys in the first panel, giving the idea that they are fishermen, which is not right.

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