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Originally Posted by kronckew
... Why does the Longbowman have two arrows sticking out of his shoulder? I also see he has the arrow on the right side of the bow which is condusive for speed shooting a clutch of arrows held in the left hand near the point or right hand, near the knock between the fingers...
Maybe he has his own style to hang the the quiver; like on his right chest . I would forget all those technicalities if it were possible to ask the guy to turn around and show us the whole scene .

Originally Posted by kronckew
... I notice The St.Paul guy in red with the gold pie rack behind his head has somehow lost the point on his sword.
Maybe it was shortened to fit in the one available picture frame the author had at hand . Anyway there was no need for a pointy sword, as the one which he was decapitated (thus the symbol) was probably not a thrusting but a slashing sword.
This reminds me the (plausible) story in that the sword of the great Condestável Dom Nuno Alvares Pereira had its point shortened to fit into the niche where it was originally exhibited, in the convent he later lived and died.

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