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Originally Posted by bvieira
... No Fernando! even Henry the navigator is subject to diferent interpretations!...
As i suggested in my previous post, Bruno;
" In reality only one personality is unanimously identified in the panels, Henri the Navigator; and even that is not 100% granted for some "
I thought i would not further expand in the two hypothesis (Zurara versus Markl) as not to be boring for the audience.

Originally Posted by bvieira
... i have seen many flaws in ours history books! so many!...
I guess as many as in the history of any other nation.

Originally Posted by bvieira
...But the swords are very detailed, the only other portuguese painting that i know with similar details is the one that is suposed to be of the same painter.
You are referring to Saint Paul, a masterpiece which i had the previlege to be pictured watching; as i recall hanging in the wall behind the São Vicente panels, in the National Museum of Antique Art. In this case its authorship has not been strictly determined; reason why the museum defines it as being a work of Poruguese school "in the style" of Nuno Gonçalves. In this one the sword hilt is depicted with a more plain look, although followig the same parameters.
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